Lomie - Personal Finance App

Categories : UI/UX, Product Design, Business case
Completion : February 2017
Role : Personal Project

Short term loans are expensive and savings account doesn’t really help you ‘save'. Millions of Americans have multiple installment loans, credit card debts, and students loans. When it comes to short-term immediate needs, many rely on high-interest credit card debts or payday loans for everyday emergencies. On the other side of the picture, for those who have some cash sitting in their savings account, the national average interest rate is measly a 0.006% while national banks make about 4-5% on every dollar deposited. The average American’s dollar is literally “evaporating” sitting in cash. Lomie helps the average American to develop healthy saving habits by providing positive reinforcements on healthy saving patterns while providing affordable immediate access to emergency funds at their fingertips.

Initial Design Prototye

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